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    What is your average day?


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    What is your average day?

    Post by Link on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:04 pm

    Okay what is your average day like? Is it boring, fun, tiring, fast, whatever! Just say what it is like, and give us a little of a descreption.

    My day is all right. During the school week my day is like this. {Everything inbetween the *'s is when I'm not at school}

    Alarm clock goes off at 6:30 I turn it off and go back to sleep
    7:00 a.m. I wake up, go change, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, do my hair, and make my lunch.
    8:30 I have science, it's fun but the teacher is a little bit hot temmpered, but she's nicest in her first classes still mean but nice
    9:30 Reading, it's fun my teacher is nice, the person across from me thinks he is funny and laughs at other people in the hospital, which I don't like at all!
    10:15: One of the best classes of the day, I have had the same teacher for three years strait and she is hallarious, she is one of the youngest teachers I have so she relates to alot of the stuff we do.
    11:00 Probaly the best class of the day, My histrory teacher is the best there is. We do game's to remember everything, we eat to remember, we do everything in that class! We have even shot a bow and arrow in her class at her board!
    Recess: It's boring we sit down or stand up all reccess doing nothing at all.
    12:40 Spanish, Other than my history teacher my favorite teacher! She lets us watch movis, but in spansih, and she likes to talk about cool stuff like guns and has a sword underneath her desk (Dulled)
    1:30 Easiest class of the day, english. My teacher is funny, and as long as we bring our assignment we get a 100! Plus we get to write which I LOVE to do!
    2:15 I'm an aide that hour, I help out my old Geography teacher, and when she has nothing for me to do my friend who is a teacher or I go into the hall way and talk to my friend who gets to do whatever 7th hour.

    *Once I get home it gets kinda boring. I eat a snack and do my homework. Once I'm done I get on the computer or Play the wii. If I'm to lazy or tired to do those two I watch tv. My dad comes home at 7:00p.m. Tells me to read, yells at me if I'm not making an A+ on every assingment and then watches tv. I eat what ever leftovers we have for dinner, and then get ready for bed and repeat the next day.

    If it's a Wednesday I go to my church for about 2 hours from 6 to 8.

    On day's I don't have school this is my morning *I wake up at 8 or 9, watch TV untill I decide to get up. I eat breakfast or lunch and then call my friends to see what they are doing. I then go on my back step and watch my dog run around for about 15 mins. Take out the trash. After that if my older sis is home I go into her room and talk to her for about 30 mins. Sometimes we go into town for no reason at all.

    Sunday's I wake up at 8 go to church till noon and go back at 5:30 for night church till 8pm.
    So that's my average day, kinda boring and everything that's in between the *'s is what I do on the weekends.*

    So yeah that's my average day. Nothing Special, Nothing Boring, just a day. So what's yours like>
    (You don't have to make it that long)

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