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    Community Forum Goal's


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    Community Forum Goal's

    Post by Link on Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:56 pm

    Here are our forum goal's, just cool stuff that we are going to keep record of. Well here they are:

    Get 100: Members: Not achieved
    Have 20 members for the day: Not Achieved
    Have 15 members online at once: Not Completed
    Have 8 posts in all forums: N/C
    Have 6 threads per forum: N/C
    Have 30 posts in a day: Acieved I don't know when though.
    Get a new banner: 10-04-09

    Complete all the goal's above: N/C
    These are kinda small goal's, some are a little big but most are small. The post in every topic, doesn't mean every thread or the rule's. If you have a suggestion for a goal Please say it.
    So who thinks we can get these by December?

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