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    NSZ Store!


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    NSZ Store!

    Post by Link on Tue Sep 29, 2009 5:19 pm

    Okay here is the NSZ store! Here is everything that we have right now

    Color Change (For 1 month) 20 npoints
    Special Chat (For 2 months) 40 npoints
    Get a Blog (For 3 months) 50 npoints
    Make a Forum (4 months) 200 npoints
    Take away an infraction or a warning (Forever) Price ravge depens on how serious Cost can vary from 20 npoints to 125 npoints.
    Unban a member (They get one month to see how they have changed) 300npoints
    Advertise your forum (1week) 75 npoints (2weeks) 100 npoints (1month) 150 npoints
    NOTE: A moderator must look at the site you will advertise and make sure it is not a bad site.

    The price to remove infractions is in the infraction points forum.

    Please give us at 1 hour to do give it to you. Please don't expect us to get it done if there are no admins on. Please only one request per 12 hours.
    Thank you.
    NSZ Admins

    NSZ Admin

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