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    NintendoSuperZone Infraction System


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    NintendoSuperZone Infraction System

    Post by Link on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:26 pm

    Nintendo Super Zone Infraction System

    Cursing: No warning; 7 points, 60npoints

    Spamming: Warning; 3points then if again 6 then 9 and so on untill banned. (Warning) 20npoints, (Infraction) 50npoints

    Inapropriate talking: Possibly a warning; then 8 points, 65npoints

    Trolling: 15 points second time is a ban
    Text talking, you get two warnings than, 5 points. 30npoints

    Making fun or other religions, races, or culture: No warning 8 points, 85npoints

    Asking to be promoted: Warning; then 3 points. 50npoints

    Bypassing censor: No warning, 10 points. 75npoints

    Anything else, will just be a warning (If you want to know if something will get you in trouble that we didn't say please PM me.)
    15 points: You will be watched.
    20 points: You will be banned for a short time.
    35 points: You will be banned.

    We make our rules so strict so our forum can be safe and enjoyable!
    When you see npoints, that means how many it will cost to remove, not how many you get.

    Thank you;

    NSZ Admins.

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