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    Court Room Rules


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    Court Room Rules

    Post by Link on Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:12 pm

    Here are the rules for the court room.

    No complaining if you don't win a case

    Don't Spam in here

    This isn't a game, it's for those who think they got an infraction for no reason

    No cursing

    You can have a lawyer (Note you lose money for hiring one)

    No double posting

    You CAN argue

    There has to be a Mod or Admin on to do the case

    There might be a jury

    Don't try to fight something you know you did

    Don't prove the same point

    You can vollunteer for the Jury if you want but not if you're good friends with the person that is fighting

    No PMing a person of the jury or admin to say that you are clean you will just get in even more trouble then.

    If you win your case it doesn't mean the infraction wil be removed but the time you have it will be different.

    What judge says is final! Argueing will just make it worst.

    No calling this stupid! Because if you do you will get an infraction and then you'll need this!

    You get to use this if we plan on banning you.

    (To be a judge you must have no infractions, at least 50 posts, and have been a member for 1 month)

    To be a lawyer create a thread here, say how much money you want (Nothing over 100 for your first case).
    Requirments: Some what active
    No infractions or warnings
    Can't lose a case on perpose

    Judges: Link

    NSZ Admin

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